Weekly Book Giveaway: Flirting in Italian, by Lauren Henderson

After staring long and hard at the book I meant to review today (Laurell K. Hamilton's Dead Ice), I decided to skip it favor of something else. Anything else. I just can't face Laurell this early in the week, particularly not when the book in question seems to kick off on an exceptionally disgusting note, even for her.

Anyway, my desire to avoid the ickiest depths of Laurell's imagination lead to me to choose a book at random out of the depths of our to-be-read pile, and the lucky winner is Lauren Henderson/Rebecca Chance's Flirting in Italian. I haven't even read the plot summary of Ms. Henderson's novel, but I'm nearly 100% certain the story won't involve sexually assaulting zombies (YOU ARE SO GROSS, LAURELL K. HAMILTON), so things are already looking up. A review will follow later today.

As always, this contest runs Monday through Friday. To enter, just send us an e-mail connected to a valid address. Complete rules and regulations can be found here.
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