Also, doesn't he have enough money?

Obviously hoping to milk a little more money from the Game of Thrones cash cow, George R.R. Martin has released a new edition of his 1980 children's novella The Ice Dragon, now featuring illustrations by Spanish artist Luis Royo. The story is set in the same world as Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books, it's apparently targeted at readers aged 12 to 17, and costs $14.99.

I don't know about this, you guys. One of the reasons I've never gotten into Martin's books is the fact that I'm always skeeved out by how incredibly young his female characters are, and how often they're treated like sexual trading cards. I understand that his stories are a least somewhat inspired by Middle Ages politics, but if he can write about dragons, can't he edge up the ages of his heroines a bit? Seriously, I just can't get enthused about the idea of the 7-year-old heroine of The Ice Dragon being, oh, five years or so away from being an old married woman.
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