Visions, by Kelley Armstrong

The second book in Kelley Armstrong's Cainsville series has recently been released, and it has the same strengths and weaknesses as its predecessor: I continue to find the heroine about as emotionally engaging as a roll of paper towels, but I am 100% invested in figuring out the whys and wherefores of the world Armstrong has created.

Visions opens directly after the events of Omens. Olivia Taylor-Jones's life as a society heiress has changed completely since her biological parents were revealed to be a pair of notorious serial killers. She's ditched her judgmental fiancé, formed an uneasy friendship with take-no-prisoners attorney Gabriel Walsh, and found a job and an apartment in Cainsville, an odd, isolated little town outside of Chicago. Omens ended with Olivia and Gabriel proving that her parents were innocent of at least two of their alleged crimes, but that mystery takes a back seat in this installment. Instead, Armstrong divides her focus between Olivia's new relationship with the dreamy heir apparent of a local biker gang, her never-ending quarrels with Gabriel, and the mysterious disappearance of another young woman from Cainsville.

I had assumed this series would be a trilogy, but that appears to be wrong. Visions doles out a satisfying number of plot reveals, but the author keeps plenty of cards close to her chest. At this rate, Armstrong will churn out a hundred books before she gets around to freeing Olivia's parents, fully explaining the nature of Cainsville, and (presumably) pushing Olivia and Gabriel into a romantic relationship. Frankly, that would be fine with me—if they're even half as entertaining as this installment, I'll read them all.
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