Another show I will be skipping

I can't see any way for this to avoid being absolutely horrible, but maybe that's what makes for must-see TV: according to The Hollywood Reporter, FX is developing an "event series" based on Kim MacQuarrie's book The Last Days of the Incas, which focuses on "Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro, two Spanish Conquistadors who above all odds conquered the Incan empire of 10 million with just 168 men, and Manco Inca and Cura Occlo, two teenage Incan royal lovers, who led one of the greatest rebellions in history."

SPOILER: Nothing good happens to the Incas. And those steamy-sounding royal lovers? They were BROTHER AND SISTER. So what I'm saying is: No, thanks.
Posted by: Julianka


04 Apr, 2013 07:55 AM

Man, this one looks so fun, though! Genocide for disrespectin' the Bible--it's a wholesome family event.

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