For the hardest of hardcore geeks only

If you are really, really rich, and really, really geeky, you should check out this $9,900 "Orcrist" sword inspired by The Lord of the Rings. It's a limited-edition item, will only be made to order, and requires a wait time of up to 6 months. I cannot imagine spending nearly ten grand on something like this (even if it does claim to be "a legendary blade, well known to the wise of Middle-earth and infamous among their enemies"), but apparently there are people who will.

(Actually, I was most appalled by the shipping costs. If you have the money for something like this, and Tolkien is your nerd jam, good for you. But the shipping? This sword weighs less than seven pounds, but it costs five hundred dollars to ship it. It says it comes in a wooden display case, but I don't care: unless that case is lined with concrete, that is ridiculous.)
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