An unrestful place

This is craziness: according to the BBC, British archaeologists may have found the bones of Richard III buried underneath a council car park. Nothing has been confirmed, but the remains indicate spinal abnormalities, a "cleaved-in skull", and an arrow head near the spine, all of which connect to what is known about Richard's death. If this is Richard's body, Shakespeare's description of him as a hunchback appears to have been exaggerated but at least based on reality; these remains show signs of severe scoliosis, which would have given their owner the appearance of lopsided shoulders.

If the identity of the bones is confirmed, Leicester Cathedral, the Royal Household, and the Richard III Society have indicated that the remains will be reburied with the appropriate rites and ceremonies of the church. There's no word on what will happen if the body turns out to belong to somebody else, but I'm assuming it will be treated in a respectful manner. Hopefully it ends up in a more pleasant final resting place than underneath a parking lot in Leicester.
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