Flogging a dead horse

Wow: apparently there was a bidding war for Zenescope's ultra-classy-looking Wonderland graphic novels, and THR informs me that Lionsgate TV won. I haven't read this series (although I've made some snide comments about Zenescope's projects in the past), but Wikipedia is always helpful:
"Alice is no longer the little girl who fell down the rabbit hole and discovered Wonderland. Now an adult, she once tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. Mentally disturbed and in a dream-like state, her only link to reality is the disturbing white rabbit that she clings to.

Calie, not wanting to deal with her mother's mental illness, is now a substance-abusing, alcoholic, promiscuous party girl. The series will deal with the entire Liddle family, Alice's childhood, and Calie venturing into a darker and more frightening Wonderland than the one her mother knows."
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