Literary gifts for our fellow procrastinators...

It's that time of year again, dear readers: time for us to post our list of Wordcandy-approved holiday gifts! Most of these presents are inexpensive, available online, and (should y'all get your acts in gear) should be deliverable well before December 25th:

1. Sherlock Holmes tickets

I read somewhere that studios are all excited about this movie because it's likely to appeal to all four primary demographics (men over 25, men under 25, women over 25, and women under 25). Give a movie gift certificate, wipe the sweat from your brow, and done.

2. Yotsuba&!

It's been a while, but we're fairly confident that this superb, all-ages-friendly manga is safely back in print. Yotsuba&! is modern equivalent to Calvin and Hobbes, so buy this series for anyone who appreciates awesomeness.

3. Charley Harper coloring book

Well, *I* totally covet this. If you give it to an adult, you might want to include a box of crayons.

4. D-I-Y book clocks

Feeling crafty? (Naturally, we only recommend doing this to books we dislike.)

5. The Bloom County Complete Library: Vol 1

Another item that would have featured heavily on my personal letter to Santa, had I sent one.

6. Baking Bites cookbook

Buy this excellent cookbook through the Baking Bites website for a slightly better price.

7. Cloth-bound Penguin classics

Anthropologie has been selling these elegant editions of assorted classic novels for $20 apiece, making them a good choice for someone who goes for that whole "serious library" look.

8. Pictorial Webster's Dictionary

This glorious picture-dictionary-for-adults features over 1,500 engravings originally found in 19th century editions of Webster's dictionaries.

9. Kindle covers

At $42 apiece, these Kindle Covers are the most expensive items we're featuring this year, but they'd make an awesome gift for any hardcore techies on your list.

10. Book Re-Marks

These bookmarks/8-page mini-notebooks cute, perfect for book-club people, and a mere $2.50. (They'd make great stocking stuffers, too.)

[Links to previous years' lists can be found here and here.]
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14 Dec, 2009 01:46 AM @ version 0

Dude, I want the dictionary!

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