Rumors and Blogs...

Okay... so I know that I promised to be back yesterday with news about our favorite authors but I kinda got sidetracked reading Jenny Crusie's and Meg Cabot's blogs.

Jenny Crusie
Ms. Crusie started a blog last July, which I have somehow missed during all of my previous visits to her site. This is a great source of book-related-gossip as well as a way to tide you over during the wait for her next book.

Speaking of her new book- we won't be seeing that until May, but I do have a little info on it. Jenny co-wrote this book with Bob Mayer (who I have not had a chance to read yet) and from the description this will definitely be the kind of book I buy in hardcover:

Don't Look Down (St. Martins Press) Lucy Armstrong goes to Savannah to direct the last four days of a movie, find out what's wrong with her sister, and earn some easy money. J. T. Wilder signs on as a stunt man for the last four days of a movie to alleviate his boredom, meet some hot actresses, and earn some easy money. Trouble ensues. Jenny wrote all the scenes in Lucy's point of view, Bob Mayer wrote all the scene's in J. T.'s point of view. There's sex, violence, and alligators. It's great.

Meg Cabot
Meg's blog is one of my favorites- she obsesses over many of the same things that I obsess over. (We are sisters in obsession!) Her last entry from Monday gave a great overview of the latest made for TV disaster movie (one of my secret loves!) So if you forgot to TiVo it last Sunday, you can get caught up for next week's finale!

But if disaster movies aren't your thing, don’t worry. Meg is great about keeping us informed about what's new with her writing, including this sneak peak at the possible final cover for her next book, “Size 12 is Not Fat”, coming out next month. Eh. I don’t hate the new cover, but it's not doing much for me.

Well, that's it for me today... I think soon Julia should be posting some new stuff over at the main site so you should go and check that out.
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