Borders Books draws a (totally bizarre) line in the sand.

I've only been half-aware of the flap surrounding Aury Wallington's new YA novel Pop, but I thought I'd pass along my tiny store of knowledge so that you too, gentle readers, can be In The Know (or, at least, as confused as I am).

From what I understand, Borders Books has refused to carry this book on their store shelves, although they will order it for you. Pop apparently features a lot of Judy Blume-style frankness about losing one's virginity, and while I find books like these painful to read, I don't see what makes Wallington's book so reprehensible. Sure, the cover art and title are a little... eyebrow-raising, but they look like they'd sell, and there's nothing about the publisher's synopsis (below) or the first chapter (available here) that raise major red flags for me. See for yourself:

"Marit has decided: It's time to lose it. Being a virgin is getting in the way of holding on to a boyfriend. So who better to get it over with than her best guy friend, Jamie? They've known each other forever. It's pressure-free.

But doing the deed changes everything. Jamie falls for Marit! Not only does he ruin her chances with the guy she had in her sights, now she's in danger of losing her friends too. If only there was a way to un-do it!

Aury Wallington, a writer for Sex and the City and Veronica Mars, paints an entertaining and thoughtful portrait of the mess we make when we divorce sex from love."

Sure, Wallington's book is about sex, but there are lots of books about teenagers having sex (books that Borders stocks), and it certainly doesn't sound like this one is promoting crazed teenage promiscuity or whatever. This whole thing seems so weird that I'm left wondering if it's a publicity stunt--hey, turning Borders into a censorship-happy Big Bad isn't a bad publicity strategy.

Maybe I'll request a review copy... and then make Megan read it, because I'm mature like that. If she promises that it won't be too embarrassing, then I'll give it a shot.
Posted by: Julianka


08 Nov, 2006 04:57 AM @ version 0

Watch out if Julia ever gives you a book... make sure that she has read it first. If not you could end up reading a book like "Forever Amber", not a pretty sight.

08 Nov, 2006 08:44 PM @ version 0

Aw, don't be bitter, Meg! You're like my canary in the literary mineshaft!

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