Jane Austen movie news, now 100% clearer.

Okay, I was a little confused by all this--maybe it was too much awesomeness for my simple brain to comprehend--but I think I'm clear now. There is an upcoming feature film about Jane Austen's life called Becoming Jane, and it stars Anne Hathaway. (My mind isn't totally made up about this one, but my gut is leaning towards "looks pretty stinky".) There are also three made-for-TV adaptations coming out in 2007: a version of Northanger Abbey, adapted by Andrew Davies, a version of Persuasion, developed by Clerkenwell Films, and a version of Mansfield Park, adapted by Maggie Wadey. These have been commissioned by Great Britain's ITV Network. [Source]

Above: Best. Cover. EVER. Except for maybe this one.
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