Match Me if You Can

I finally got around to reading Match Me if You Can, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (it took a while, but midterms have put a major crimp on my reading time). This book reminded me of why I love Ms. Phillips's books--I enjoy the main storylines, but what really makes the books for me are the secondary characters. They're like the icing on the cake... really amazing icing, the kind that's so good that you don't care if it adds 1200 calories.

I have mentioned my extreme love for Nobody's Baby But Mine more than once. My favorite character in the book is the grandmother. She is an absolute riot, and (along with the Lucky Charms incident) is a big part of why I re-read the book every few months. The same goes for Match Me if You Can--there's a little cellphone-stealing three-year-old girl who gets all the best lines. Every time she was in a scene I knew I would end up laughing out loud.

If I'm lucky, Ms. Phillips might write a book for each of these characters. I would love to see how our cellphone-stealer grows up.
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23 Oct, 2006 03:54 PM @ version 0

Did you see the vintage-y looking book cover for this? It was awesome. This one's okay, but I loved the other one.

Here's the link (hope it works):

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