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Jul 21 2016



So, this is pathetic: according to THR, the fourth and final Divergent film will be aired as a TV movie, despite the fact that this will almost certainly require extensive re-casting. Lionsgate Films declined to comment on the situation, but this wouldn't be the first lackluster YA film series to be downgraded to...

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Dec 12 2014

Cheeseball to the 1,000,000th power


The trailer is out for Insurgent, the second film adaptation of Veronica Roth's Divergent series. Once again, I am stunned at how hokey literally millions of dollars' worth of CGI can look...

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Oct 15 2013

If that extra minute matters...


I'm definitely going to read Veronica Roth's Allegiant, but I'm not invested enough to go out at midnight on October 22 to pick up a copy. (In contrast, if Rick Riordan's The House of Hades had been available at midnight, I would have been there with bells on.) However, more hardcore Roth fans can now get a teeny-tiny head start on the story...

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