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Jul 13 2023

If it ain't broke, I guess


I see that Lifetime has made yet another V.C. Andrews miniseries adaptation, this time of the 1990 novel Dawn, which was apparently "started" by Andrews (who died four years earlier, so... make of that what you will) and finished by ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman. Truly, Lifetime + V.C. Andrews is...

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Jul 16 2019



How is there still demand for this? HOW? There is going to be another round of Lifetime movies inspired by V.C. Andrews books. This time it's the Casteel series, and the trailer looks like the filmmakers were working with a clear checklist...

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May 20 2014

Really, impressively dumb-looking


Well, apparently the Flowers in the Attic movie on Lifetime made enough money for them to fast-track a sequel, and lo and behold, the first trailer for Petals on the Wind has arrived...

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Nov 13 2013

It's coming.


I'll just present this without additional comment: here's a link to the film trailer for Lifetime's upcoming Flowers in the Attic adaptation...

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