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Jul 23 2009

Charmingly unique, or just ridiculous?

Eh, flip a coin, right?AustenBlog has just posted a review of a book called Prawn and Prejudice, and they seem to really like it... although I'd read it based on the title alone. I might be bored ...

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Jul 21 2009

Jane Austen: now with 100% more tentacles

I'm still not thrilled by the [Jane Austen novel] + [random monster] formula, but I have to give Quirk Classics credit: this is the best-quality book trailer I've ever seen.Seriously, choose a d...

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May 12 2009

The wit and wisdom of Mary Bennet

Amanda Grange, author of the novel Mr. Darcy's Diary, pictured at right (not to be confused with this Mr. Darcy's Diary), has written a delightful collection of diary entries featuring Miss Mary B...

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Apr 30 2009

Twilight + cheeseburgers

Funny or painful? And if you voted "painful", was it more painful than the original version, or less?Eh. I vote "One-note joke, drawn out waaaaay too far".

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Aug 21 2008

Lost in Austen: Part II

While the film mentioned below gives me the heebie-jeebies, I have no problem with the (unconnected) book of the same title:C'mon! It's an Austen choose-your-own-adventure with totally awesome co...

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