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Apr 3 2013

Trackers and Trackers: Shantorian, by Patrick Carman


Patrick Carman's Trackers series is simultaneously one step forward and several steps back: it features even more digital bells and whistles than his Skeleton Creek quartet, but it's markedly less readable than his recent novel Floors or his earlier Land of Elyon series...

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Apr 1 2013

Weekly Book Giveaway: Trackers and Trackers: Shantorian, by Patrick Carman


We're giving away two books this week: Patrick Carman's Trackers and Trackers: Shantorian. Like his Skeleton Creek series, they appear to be full of unnecessary bells and whistles, but who knows? Maybe all the digital tie-ins and stuff will be magical. I'll have more for you on Wednesday, when I post the review...

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Feb 5 2013

Floors, by Patrick Carman


When it comes to Patrick Carman, I usually end up damning with faint praise: his books are, y'know, fine. His 2011 novel Floors maintains his record of being totally inoffensive—I've read better, and I've read worse...

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Feb 4 2013

Weekly Book Giveaway: Floors, by Patrick Carman


This week's book giveaway title is Floors, the latest offering from prolific children's author Patrick Carman. Unlike some of his other recent releases, this is just a book (there are no video tie-ins or whatever), but we really prefer that, so here's hoping the story is entertaining enough to stand on its own two feet. Our review will go up tomorrow morning...

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Dec 27 2010

The Crossbones: Skeleton Creek #3, by Patrick Carman


We liked the first two books in Patrick Carman's Skeleton Creek horror/mystery series. Sure, we moaned about having to access hokey online videos in order to fully experience th...

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Feb 11 2010

Skeleton Creek and Ghost in the Machine, by Patrick Carman


Patrick Carman clearly appreciates a good literary gimmick. He promoted his Land of Elyon books via a four-month-long cross-country tour in a decorated bus, he contributed a novel to Scholastic's...

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