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Aug 8 2019

Fingers crossed


According to Deadline, Netflix has "won" a massive deal for the upcoming TV and film projects from Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. If the way Game of Thrones ended (not to mention the entire idea of their since-cancelled Confederacy project) is any indication, Netflix might live to regret...

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Mar 3 2015

And people say her work is self-absorbed


Lena Dunham has produced an HBO documentary about illustrator Hilary Knight (best known for his work on Kay Thompson's Eloise stories), and the trailer is really heavy on... Lena Dunham. I'm happy someone is honoring Knight's career, but this movie appears to be less about him, and more about how much his art means to her...

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Mar 19 2014

This is my surprised face.


I am legitimately stunned to be writing this (seeing as I just gave James Dashner's The Kill Order my nastiest review of the year), but the full trailer for The Maze Runner actually looks interesting...

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Dec 5 2011

Cusack has made worse-looking movies

Okay, so this movie isn't based on a book, but it does feature a fictionalized version of Edgar Allan Poe:

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Sep 22 2011

A bigger mistake than Terminator 3?

Whoa: according to the Times, Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced plans to publish a memoir (tentatively titled Total Recall). The book, due out next fall, will cover his adventures as a bodybuil...

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Aug 16 2011

Maybe if you think of it as an investment?

If you're really, really wealthy and/or a really, really big Harry Potter fan, check out this 16-disc, 199-euro complete Harry Potter DVD set, available in November via the French Amazon site:


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Aug 11 2011

Bruce: The Great and Powerful

Okay, the odds that I'll see the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful movie just went way up. According to his Twitter feed, Bruce Campbell is going to be in it. I don't know about you guys, but...

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Mar 7 2011

Anne with an E

Thank you, Forever Young Adult. An Anne of Green Gables movie drinking game is exactly what this world needs.

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Mar 22 2010

Well, *I* would watch it.

This reminds me of all those [classic novel] v. the monster books, only way more fun. Because unlike Jane Austen Beats Down the Werewolves (or whatever they're publishing next), Twilight would ac...

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Sep 15 2009

Well, if people went to see a love story set on the Titanic, why not?

But if you like your movies sob-inducing, feel free to check out Bright Star, a biopic about the love affair of poet John Keats and the young woman who lived next door to him. Not to spoil things...

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Sep 8 2009

Neil Gaiman makes a Christmas movie!

Neil Gaiman's long-hinted-at short film will happen, and it will apparently star ubiquitous character actor Bill Nighy. According to Cinematical, the movie will be a silent short described as "a l...

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Mar 18 2009

'Where the Wild Things Are' poster arrives...

...and it's beautiful.I don't know why I feel so hopeful about this movie (and God knows I've been let down by good promotional materials before), but something about the handful of images I've se...

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Sep 26 2008

Speaking of movies...

...Will Smith has signed on to star in a prequel to the blockbuster I Am Legend (which was based on a novel by acclaimed horror/sci-fi writer Richard Matheson). According to Variety, the film wil...

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Sep 23 2008

Brilliant or freaky?

It's a tough call, really:

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Sep 18 2008

The horror, the horror...

Forget all that dire news from the financial markets. The news that Miley Cyrus is going to be starring in one of Nicholas Sparks's shamelessly manipulative tearjerkers? Yeah, now that's clear pr...

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Jul 1 2008

Suspense week

In honor of July 4th (the traditional weekend for big action film releases here in the States), we've decided to feature a variety of mystery/suspense reviews on both the blog and the main site th...

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Jun 30 2008

Just what the world needs!

Variety is reporting that actress Rose McGowan is going to star in a remake of the atrociously bad eighties film Red Sonja.For those of you who haven't seen the original, Red Sonja was a nearly un...

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Dec 14 2007

Pushin' for the Oscars

I couldn't stand Joe Wright's recent adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (not, as has been suggested, because I'm an impossible-to-please Austen purist, but because the movie was TOTALLY STUPID), an...

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