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Jan 22 2019

By Night, Issues 1-4, by John Allison


My affection for John Allison's comic Bad Machinery is the kind of love that makes all of Alison's other titles (of which there are quite a few) feel like a letdown. They're fine, but they're mostly spin-offs or prequels or also-ran adventures—pale imitations of the story I'd prefer to be reading...

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Jan 22 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: By Night, Issues 1-4, by John Allison


Our latest Book Giveaway is the first four issues of John Allison's new series By Night. Not to spoil anything, but of all the comic titles we've reviewed recently, this is FAR AND AWAY the best one. A full review will follow shortly, and this giveaway will run through 4/26/19...

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Jun 5 2017

The Case of the Forked Road, by John Allison


The Case of the Forked Road, the seventh installment in John Allison's excellent Bad Machinery series, is—as always—a whacked-out delight. There's time travel, puberty jokes, and a PG-rated adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross. The boys play a reduced role in this volume (although their stories are expanded from the online version), but...

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Jun 5 2017

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Case of the Forked Road, by John Allison


This week's Book Giveaway is John Allison's The Case of the Forked Road, the seventh book in the Bad Machinery series. I am, as always, pretty stoked to see a new Bad Machinery book, but there are certain very obvious changes about this installment that do not thrill me. A full review will follow shortly...

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May 12 2016

Mini-reviews: Lady Renegade, Forest of Ruin, and The Case of the Fire Inside


Today we are introducing a new feature here at Wordcandy: mini-reviews of the various sequels/series installments/comic books we've read during the week. Basically, I get tired of recapping everything that's happened in, say, the previous seven books in a particular series, but I still might want to complain or enthuse about book number eight...

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Oct 22 2015

WANT 2.0


And speaking of glorious cover art design, the latest volume of my beloved Bad Machinery is out, and I think it's the coolest-looking one yet. (Plus it features the series' weirdest storyline, and considering the rest of BM, that's saying quite a lot.) The Case of the Lonely One is...

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Dec 10 2014

Bad Machinery: The Case of the Simple Soul, by John Allison


First up: I know this cover was decided on long before I complained about the overly cutesy packaging featured on the previous two volumes in this series, but I'm taking credit for this eye-popping image anyway. Thanks, Oni Press! And don't worry: that little arsonist is adorable. I'm sure the kids will still want to read alllll about her...

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Nov 4 2014

Teardrops on my keyboard


I'm presenting this without comment: John Allison has announced that he's done writing my beloved Bad Machinery. He's not done with the characters, but he's shifting his focus back to the larger world of...

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Oct 28 2014

Scary Go Round, by John Allison


If you're looking for a Halloween read this week and you haven't got any money (or a library card, or friends who own books), you're in luck: John Allison's pre-Bad Machinery comic Scary Go Round is available for free online...

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Jul 16 2014

Bad Machinery: The Case of the Team Spirit and The Case of the Good Boy, by John Allison


I picked up the first volume of John Allison's Bad Machinery because I kept seeing it described as a spectacular title for children, and I figured: what the hell, I'm pretty childish. But now that I've read every Bad Machinery strip to date, I've decided Allison's publisher is making a mistake by pushing Bad Machinery exclusively at kids—this is a story about children, but that doesn't mean it's best appreciated by children...

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