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Oct 31 2017

Sad that I can't hear her thoughts on the Trump casino, though.


I had wondered if the controversy surrounding Go Set a Watchman would cast a shadow over Harper Lee's legacy, but it appears she's still a money-maker, at least: a collection of her letters recently fetched more than $12,000 at auction...

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Mar 15 2016

And the shadiness continues...


There's a deeply depressing article in New Republic about the death of the mass-market paperback edition of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. The article is well worth reading in full, but here's the gist: Lee's estate (under the direction of her highly controversial lawyer, Tonja Carter) has required that all bookstores sell off...

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Jul 15 2015

Raisins, corn syrup, and 8 whole eggs?


I find the vast majority of recent Harper Lee news to be very depressing, but NPR recently posted a recipe for a "Lane Cake" (the boozy, eggy dish baked by To Kill a Mockingbird's Maudie Atkinson)...

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May 12 2015

Much worse


NPR recently visited Monroeville, Ala., the home of Harper Lee, asking residents about the controversy surrounding Lee's upcoming To Kill a Mockingbird sequel Go Set a Watchman. While I share many residents' concerns about Lee's health and independence, at least the people of Monroeville can take comfort...

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Oct 23 2013



CNN informs me that reclusive To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee is suing the Monroe County Heritage Museum for trademark infringement. Lee's suit hinges on the argument...

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May 7 2013

Legal wrangling


This is a depressing story, so I hope she wins: 87-year-old To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee says that her literary agent Samuel Pinkus (the son-in-law of her long-time agent Eugene Winick) took advantage of her poor health to trick her into signing over the copyright of her book to him...

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