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May 10 2010

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: the Graphic Novel, by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith


To misquote Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that an unexpectedly successful book will force its creators to keep milking it like a cash cow until it falls over dead. That's wh...

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May 10 2010

The Stuff of Legend, by Brian Smith and Mike Raicht


The Stuff of Legend—Book I: The Dark was written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith (both former editors at Marvel) and illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III. Their story is set in World War II-era Broo...

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Apr 14 2010

Manga Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream, by Kate Brown


Amulet Books clearly worked hard on their Manga Shakespeare books. The series is edited by a “leading Shakespeare scholar” and evaluated by an educational editor and an advisory group of teachers...

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Feb 25 2010

Tena on S-String (Yen Press Extravaganza Part IV), by Sesuna Mikabe


More graphic novels! While Sesuna Mikabe's Tena on S-String is typically described as a seinen (young men's) manga, the series' second volume focuses more...

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Feb 24 2010

X-Men: Misfits, by Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman


X-Men: Misfits is a shōjo-style retelling of Kitty Pryde's introduction to the X-Men written by Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman and featuring sharp, clean-lined artwork by Anzu. The story is set b...

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Feb 17 2010

Rin-ne: Vol. 1, by Rumiko Takahashi


Rin-ne is the fifth major series from manga great Rumiko Takahashi, following InuYasha, Ranma ½, Maison Ikkoku, and Urusei Yatsura. Rin-ne launched in...

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Feb 9 2010

The Passion of the Hausfrau: Motherhood, Illuminated, by Nicole Chaison


Nicole Chaison is the creator of the website Blog-o-Hausfrau and the tri-annually published 'zine Hausfrau Muthazine, which launched in 2003. Her experiences—everything from giving birth in a hosp...

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Jan 29 2010

Zombie Loan (Yen Press Extravaganza Part III), by Peach-Pit


This should be our last installment of this series... at least for a while! Zombie-Loan, an ongoing manga from the female writing/artistic duo Peach-Pit, offers a b...

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Jan 27 2010

Truth in advertising

99% of the cover art for the upcoming Twilight graphic novel is unremarkable......but I am impressed by the way they made [what is presumably] Edward's hand ever-so-slightly blue. Way to play up t...

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Jan 20 2010

Babymouse: Dragonslayer, by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm


The Babymouse series, written by author Jennifer L. Holm and illustrated by her brother, freelance graphic artist Matthew Holm, are cute, silly, and unabashedly pink, making them an enjoyable alte...

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Jan 12 2010

Homecoming, by Patricia Briggs and David Lawrence


I have never read Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson books, but if Homecoming—the first entry in a projected series of graphic novel tie-ins to the series—is any indication of her storytelling abilit...

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Jan 7 2010

Very Very Sweet (Yen Press Extravaganza Part I), by JiSang Shin and Geo


A few weeks ago, we found a large box from Yen Press waiting on our doorstep. We were super-excited—Yen Press is the manga/manhwa publishing group that has taken over the English publication of se...

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Jul 10 2009

Wolverine: Prodigal Son, by Antony Johnston


In the grand tradition of alternate-universe fanfiction, writer Antony Johnston and artist Wilson Tortosa have created a shonen manga take on the popular X-Men character Wolverine. Their new series...

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Jul 6 2009

Storm Front and Welcome to the Jungle, by Jim Butcher


When it comes to pulp fiction, I usually think shorter is better. This is why I’ve always liked Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, but I love his graphic-novel reworkings of the same material. The...

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Jun 23 2009

Chicken With Plums, by Marjane Satrapi


I do not enjoy tragic love stories. I rolled my eyes when Anna Karenina offed herself, I failed to sympathize with the plight of Newland Archer, and I spent most of The Great Gatsby wanting to kic...

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Jun 15 2009

Amy Poehler serves up justice

Amy Poehler has signed on to star in a film adaptation of Jarrett Krosoczka's upcoming children's graphic novel series Lunch Lady:I love me some Amy Poehler, and the combination of her + a series ...

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May 19 2009

Pride and Prejudice (Marvel Comic), by Jane Austen


Well, I just got the second issue of Marvel's Pride and Prejudice comic book, and I think it's even worse than the first one. I'm not sure where to start with my complaints, so I'll just type 'em up as they come to me...

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Mar 20 2009

Black Lagoon: Vol. 1, by Rei Hiroe


As frequent readers of the site know, I have been sick with the Cold from Hell for days, and I spent most of that time reading. I read well-written books, thoughtful books, uplifting books... and ...

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Mar 5 2009

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, by Chuck Dixon and Brett Booth


Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son is Chuck Dixon and Brett Booth’s comic book adaptation of the 2005 novel of the same name by Dean Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson, which is in turn a modern-d...

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Mar 3 2009

Tales from Outer Suburbia, by Shaun Tan


It's difficult to maintain an genuinely dreamlike atmosphere over 90+ pages, but Australian graphic novelist Shaun Tan's Tales from Outer Suburbia manages it... or very nearly. One or two of his...

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Feb 2 2009

YALSA's list of great graphic novels

The Young Adult Library Services Association has assembled a list of over fifty great graphic novels for teens, and they've included several Wordcandy-approved titles, including one of our recent ...

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Jan 22 2009

Kitchen Princess, by Miyuki Kobayashi


I've finally gotten around to reading the first few volumes of Miyuki Kobayashi and Natsumi Ando's manga Kitchen Princess, winner of the Kodansha Manga Award for children's manga in 2006.

Kitchen Princess is the story of Najika Kazami, the orphaned daughter of two world-class pastry chefs....

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Jan 11 2009

Black Jack: Vol. 1, by Osamu Tezuka


An English translation of Osamu Tezuka’s award-winning manga Black Jack is available again, thanks to the fine people at VIZ Media. The first two volumes of this enjoyably bizarre medical dr...

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Dec 18 2008

Even more Tantalize news

There's going to be a graphic novel adaptation of the same material, tentatively titled Tantalize: Kieren's Story. I can't find much information about it, but Ms. Smith did mention it in a July in...

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Oct 15 2008

The Great Outdoor Fight, by Chris Onstad


A word of warning before we begin, dear readers: the packaging of Chris Onstad’s Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight is deceptively adorable. This book might look like it belongs on the set of...

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Jul 24 2008

Watchmen trailer online

The movie adaptation of Alan Moore's Hugo Award-winning graphic novel Watchmen is out:Like most of Moore's stuff, I've always thought Watchmen was way too self-consciously weighty, so I'm glad to ...

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Jul 22 2008

Graphic novel odds and ends

NPR has an article up about American interest in foreign comics—everything from Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis to manga. The article is generic and under-researched, particularly by NPR's standards...

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Jun 17 2008

Out of Picture: Vol. 1 & 2, by Assorted Authors


In 2006, a French publisher released the first edition of Out of Picture, a graphic novel anthology of 11 short stories written and illustrated by a group of animators from Blue Sky Studios. The A...

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May 7 2008

The Invention of Hugo Cabret gets even more visual

According to this, Brian Selznick's graphic novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret is going to be made into a movie:"The adaptation is being ushered into production by GK Films, whose last project was...

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Mar 21 2008


The trailer for the film adaptation of Mark Millar's graphic novel Wanted is out:Huh. Adorable James MacAvoy seems miscast as a budding supervillain (particularly one who was orginally modeled on ...

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