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Jul 29 2019

The Quiet American, by Graham Greene


It's been nearly twenty years since I read Graham Greene's The Quiet American, but a flurry of recent mentions in the news convinced me that it was time to revisit it. I'm still not familiar with the First Indochina War (which I've been meaning to learn more about since, uh, high school), so I can't weigh in on the accuracy of Graham's war descriptions, but...

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Jul 29 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Quiet American, by Graham Greene


After seeing it mentioned in several news articles about Mayor Pete Buttigieg, I decided it was time to re-read Graham Greene's The Quiet American. A full review will follow shortly, but here's a spoiler for you: nearly every speaking character in this novel is totally awful. This giveaway will run through 8/15/19...

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Feb 28 2017

Tour guide


Atlas Obscura recently posted an article called "Exploring Cuba, Guided by Graham Greene". Taking advantage of the recent reconciliation between Cuba and the United States, essayist Luke Spencer sets out to explore Cuba, using Graham Greeneā€™s satirical 1958 spy novel Our Man in Havana as a travel guide...

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Aug 10 2004

Graham Greene

Graham Greene's steady success as a writer and critic ensured that he pretty much skipped the standard years of being a starving artist and went straight to solid sales and critical acclaim, but y...

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