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Aug 3 2010

Hiss, boo

Seriously, I am so disappointed in you, NPR. As part of their obnoxiously condescending "My Guilty Pleasure" series, author Helen Simonson has contributed an essay on her love for Georgette Heyer...

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Nov 25 2009

Well, *I* would pay to see it.

While looking up Jane Austen stuff surrounding the New York exhibition, I noticed that Lady Susan is being adapted by playwright Lucy Prebble (best known as the creator of the Secret Diary of a Ca...

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Oct 16 2009

Hardcore Heyer fans take note...

The fine people at have posted 9 YouTube links to the 1950 film version of Heyer's novel The Reluctant Widow. They can't find all of it (apparently it ends a little prematurely...

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Aug 3 2009

It strikes again...

Horrors! Another publisher has fallen prey to The Curse of the Georgette Heyer Back Cover Blurb, as Ace and Harlequin and Arrow have done before it! Here's what's written on the back cover of the ...

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Apr 6 2009

Georgette Heyer smackdown

Okay, one last piece of Heyer coverage and we're done (...for awhile). I went to the bookstore last night, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but TWO new Heyer releases—one from Sourcebooks...

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Apr 2 2009

Contest follow up

We just sent out notices to the winners of our Georgette Heyer Giveaway, so if you entered that contest, please check your e-mail.As always, we'd like to send our sincere thanks out to both Source...

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Mar 28 2009

Behold, Here's Poison, by Georgette Heyer


Behold, Here’s Poison features one the most creative weapons in murder-mystery history, and is my favorite of the three Heyer novels we’ve reviewed in the past week. Why Shoot a Butler? and...

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Mar 27 2009

Georgette Heyer resources

We're wrapping up our week of Georgette Heyer coverage (although our Heyer giveaway runs through Tuesday), so we thought we'd close with a list of additional references. If you'd like to know mor...

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Mar 25 2009

Georgette Heyer's film adaptations

The question of “Why hasn’t there been a Georgette Heyer television adaptation?” is one of the great Wordcandy conundrums, right up there with “How can anybody read the Twilight books without want...

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Mar 24 2009

Why Shoot a Butler?, by Georgette Heyer


Why Shoot a Butler? is perhaps Georgette Heyer’s most conventional detective story. Her murder weapons are unremarkable, her plot centers around a missing will, and her sleuth displays a lev...

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Mar 24 2009

Georgette Heyer: Author Bio

Wordcandy favorite Georgette Heyer was born in 1902, and wrote her first novel at age 17. While she is best remembered as a writer of Regency-era romances, Heyer also penned several earlier period...

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Mar 23 2009

The Unfinished Clue, by Georgette Heyer


While Georgette Heyer is best remembered for her Regency romances, she also wrote a handful of superb detective stories. These mid-twentieth century British mysteries amply display Heyer’s g...

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Jan 14 2009

So pretty...

We got an e-mail from Sourcebooks yesterday, letting us know the cover art for Georgette Heyer's The Unfinished Clue featured in our 2009 Preview is actually out of date. They've chosen new cover...

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Jul 12 2008

Lady of Quality, by Georgette Heyer


Georgette Heyer’s novels Lady of Quality and Black Sheep have a lot in common: both books are set in Bath, their plots center around similar dilemmas, and they each feature a wealthy, unconve...

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Jul 9 2008

Friday's Child, by Georgette Heyer


When Lord Sheringham, the hero of Georgette Heyer’s Friday’s Child, proposes marriage to the beautiful Miss Milbourne, she turns him down flat. Furious (partially because she spurned him, bu...

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Jul 7 2008

Georgette Heyer giveaway!

And in celebration of Ms. Heyer's NPR triumph, we're announcing another contest:

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Jul 7 2008

Georgette Heyer is one step closer to (posthumously) ruling the world...

...thanks to NPR commentator and super-librarian Nancy Pearl. Ms. Pearl is featuring Wordcandy goddess Georgette Heyer's Regency-era novel An Infamous Army as part of her recommended summer readi...

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Jun 16 2008

Even more Heyer info!

Sourcebooks has announced that they're planning to release several of Georgette Heyer's mysteries next spring, starting with Behold, Here's Poison, Why Shoot a Butler?, and The Unfinished Clue. A...

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Jun 12 2008

If you'd be so kind...?

I keep hearing that NPR commentator and librarian-at-large Nancy Pearl is going to be featuring Georgette Heyer's novel An Infamous Army: A Novel of Wellington, Waterloo, Love and War on her highl...

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Mar 7 2008

Georgette Heyer rides again!

Much to my delight, Sourcebooks, Inc. is continuing to release beautiful paperback editions of Georgette Heyer novels. Their most recent publication, False Colours, isn’t her best work, but even a...

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Nov 13 2007

Cotillion, by Georgette Heyer


Georgette Heyer's Cotillion is romantic, hilarious, delightfully unconventional, and one of my all-time favorite books. For some unfathomable reason, Cotillion is rarely reprinted, so I was thrilled when Sourcebooks announced that this outstanding historical romance would be one of their Fall titles...

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Oct 5 2007

Heyer done wrong

I have limited bookshelf space for my Georgette Heyer collection, and if I was smart, I'd save it for the beautiful Sourcebooks editions of her books. But life is uncertain, and I fret. What if ...

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Sep 11 2007

An Infamous Army, by Georgette Heyer


It's been decades since American audiences have seen decent editions of Georgette Heyer’s books. While British readers were enjoying the beautiful reprints Arrow Books released a few years ago, A...

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Dec 24 2006

Keep your chin up.

In honor of all the time we're about to spend with relatives, allow me to recommend the following Christmas-themed murder mystery:Georgette Heyer's Envious Casca will get you through this ordeal, ...

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Aug 21 2006

Wordcandy loves the retro cover art!

Check out these gorgeous Georgette Heyer mysteries from Arrow Books:Sadly, I expect those editions will only be available in the UK. US residents will get stuck with these:Eh. Serviceable, but p...

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Mar 28 2006

Wordcandy weekly book snippet

Excerpt from:Devil's Cub, by Georgette HeyerWhy you should buy a copy of your very own:It's Heyer's hottest romance (although you have to judge these things on the Heyer scale-we're talking about ...

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Mar 15 2006

Hollywood doesn't know what to do with Heyer, either.

So, it turns out that there IS actually an American film version of one of Heyer's books. Check out these charming pictures from the 1951 movie "The Reluctant Widow", AKA "The Inheritance":Okay, I...

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Dec 3 2005

Damn it, why don't I know anyone in Chicago?The Lifeline Theater is apparently showing a play version of Wordcandy Goddess Georgette Heyer's 'The Talisman Ring'. It runs until December 11th.

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Feb 11 2005

A Civil Contract, by Georgette Heyer


Georgette Heyer's A Civil Contract is quite possibly the world's most prosaic romance novel. If bodice-ripping paperback covers make your eyes twitch, if soppy love stories leave you feeling fain...

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Aug 10 2004

Georgette Heyer

I firmly hold the following to be true: Georgette Heyer was an amazing writer.She is tragically underappreciated (particularly here in the United States).The fact that no one has made a film vers...

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