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Aug 8 2023

Get ready to sharpen those crayons


If you're a big fan of tan, beige, khaki, gold, and light brown, BIG NEWS: Ace Books is releasing an official Dune coloring book, due out in late September and perfect for people who really yearn to color in a lot of sand...

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Nov 5 2019

I'm sure they'll find a new dude to handle this woman-centric story.


So much drama for such a young series! According to THR, HBO Max has fired Jon Spaihts as the showrunner for Dune: The Sisterhood, an upcoming TV offshoot of the (also upcoming) feature film. They haven't found a new showrunner to replace him yet, but apparently they weren't happy with his early plans for the "female-focused take" on...

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Aug 6 2018

Dune: 50th Anniversary Edition, by Frank Herbert


I was so excited when I was offered a 50th anniversary edition of Frank Herbert's Dune. There are so many exciting editions of this story: lurid Dune! Tasteful Dune...

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Aug 6 2018

Weekly Book Giveaway: Dune, by Frank Herbert


I feel like it's time to re-read a classic that wasn't written by Jane Austen or P.G. Wodehouse. Someone was kind enough to send us a 50th Anniversary edition of Frank Herbert's Dune, so that's this week's Book Giveaway. A full review will follow shortly...

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Jul 9 2015

A tribute both loving and long-winded


Last week, the Guardian posted novelist Hari Kunzru's very long, very positive tribute to Frank Herbert's Dune. The article is full of trivia and background information about the novel (which you can easily skim), but...

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Mar 26 2015

90% amazing, 10% creepy


io9 just posted several examples of the unbelievably detailed interior artwork from this upcoming 50th anniversary deluxe edition of Frank Herbert's Dune. The art—by Sam Weber—is incredible (and that image of Baron Harkonnen is going to haunt my dreams), but...

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Jun 11 2013

Hours and hours to be wasted


Flavorwire recently put together a slideshow of pop-culture-inspired video games you can play online for free, and three of their choices were based on books: a "pretty epic multi-part online Flash game" based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos stories called Arcane, a strategy game called Dune II, and an "interactive fiction" adaptation of...

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Mar 24 2011

RIP, Dune movie (for now, at least)

Aw... apparently the Dune film reboot is toast. While they dithered over the project for four years, Paramount has finally chosen to let their option expire. The film isn't totally dead (the prod...

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Jan 5 2010

Signs of life

So, there's some news on the Dune movie adaptation front: according to Variety, Paramount Pictures has asked Pierre Morel to direct. Morel will replace Peter Berg, who exited in favor of directin...

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Aug 10 2004

Frank Herbert

Dune is the only book Frank Herbert ever wrote that's worth reading. Take my advice: avoid the sequels, and only watch the movie for its high camp value. If you can forgive him for turning one g...

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