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Jul 9 2012

Vampire fashion


Speaking of the intersection between literature and fashion, HBO and HSN have created a makeup line inspired by True Blood. The collection will include a perfume by Givaudan, Deborah Lippmann-designed nail polish and lip color, and undefined "luxury home goods" from D.L. & Co...

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Jul 9 2012

Cinderella goes a little Vegas


Shoe designer Christian Louboutin has created a new (and non-glass) version of Cinderella's famous slipper. The shoe, which won't be available for mass sale, was created in honor of the upcoming Blu-ray release of Disney's Cinderella, and 20 pairs will be given away world-wide this fall. I'm unclear as to how, exactly, the recipients will be chosen...

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Jul 5 2012

Anna Karenina meets Mad Men


I'm having difficulty picturing this, but InStyle informs me that Banana Republic is planning a capsule collection inspired by the upcoming film adaptation of Anna Karenina, but "with more of a 50s feel"...

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Jan 20 2012

Ooh, fancy...

The people who created the literature-inspired nail-polish art featured in this slideshow on Flavorwire clearly enjoy both A) more free time, and B) better fine-motor skills than 99% of the rest o...

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Jan 19 2012


We posted the announcement for the upcoming Hunger Games nail polish line a few weeks ago, but Buzzfeed has just posted a look at the actual colors... and they include a tone called "Foie Gras". ...

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Dec 23 2011

She must be joking.

You guys reckon this will go way, way on sale after Christmas? Because I would only pay $325 for a clutch (even a super-cool one, like this) if it came stuffed with at least $250 in cash.Note: Ac...

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Dec 20 2011

Katniss's manicure

Uh... when I think about potential Hunger Games merchandising tie-ins, nail polish is not the first thing that leaps to mind. However, China Glaze has announced that there will be a line of HG-th...

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Oct 27 2011

Dressing up

If you've ever dreamed of looking like a disturbed computer hacker with multiple facial piercings (and who hasn't?), start saving now: on December 14th, budget retailer H&M will be releasing a clo...

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Oct 4 2011

Just over $4.50 per page

If money is no object when it comes to books for your coffee table, check out The Impossible Collection of Fashion. This 144-page-long book is priced at a jaw-dropping $650, and features one hund...

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Aug 31 2009

Twilight + wedding dresses = girl-entertainment jackpot?

In what I can only describe as a desperate attempt to attract really young readers with the fashion equivalent of fanfiction, InStyle magazine asked several designers to sketch Bella Swann's weddi...

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Apr 16 2009

Berkeley Breathed goes to the movies

I was reading Go Fug Yourself yesterday afternoon, and I was so sorry to see that the adorably diminutive Seth Green has done something horrifying to his hair. (I'm sorry, Mr. Green, but no one is...

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Jul 13 2007

Harry Potter Toolishness, Part II

CURSE YOU, SIENNA MILLER!!!When will British girls learn? I don't care HOW cute you are, Emma Watson, NO ONE is cute enough to carry off this kind of outfit. Those BOOTS! That SATIN! Those... dang...

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Jul 11 2007

Deck yourself out

If you like Harry Potter shirts, but don't want to actually set foot in a Hot Topic, there are still some pretty awesome options out there:Support Buckbeak:I really like this one--very wearable, n...

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Jul 10 2007

Young Harry looks a little toolish

Details magazine is currently featuring an oh-so-saucy interview with Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter movie franchise. I didn't read the whole thing (I get tired of Details' tone of co...

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Jun 13 2007

Cute! is selling an adorable tote bag containing the first two Nancy Drew titles--The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase, for a mere $13.99. The bag itself features the origin...

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Apr 27 2007

When what to my wondering eyes did appear...

I really wanted this t-shirt, but apparently it's already been sold:Alas. Well, I guess I could make do with this one:[Source]

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Nov 15 2006

A bit more...

Actually, it turns out there's some Harry Potter merchandise I wouldn't mind owning! Who knew? I really like some of the t-shirts available through the Warners Bro. online store. This one's my fav...

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Oct 28 2006


Two of my favorite things collided this week: romance novels & reality television! You see, I have a very sad, pathetic obsession with America's Next Top Model, and the photo challenge this week w...

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Jul 24 2006


I WANT one. And you know what the best thing is about this awesome bag? It was made out of a copy of Sense and Sensibility, my least favorite Austen novel, so I don't even need to feel guilty ab...

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Jul 8 2006

'Alice in Wonderland' Couture

I never realized how many of the, er, lesser filaments of the couture world had been inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Check out these little treasures from the Disney Couture (no, I'm not joking--...

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Jun 15 2006

Father's Day gifts for men who like books!

We kid, we kid... please, don't actually give this monstrosity to anybody. It's cheap (and looks it), it's 100% polyester, and it's 1000% fugly.[Source]

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Jun 8 2006

What--like you wouldn't take advice from Janice Dickinson?

Okay, I realize that Janice Dickinson most likely did not write this book with her own two hands, but I still feel a need to go out and buy it. I am not sure if it's the great cover, the title (Ch...

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May 8 2006

God loves me.

Aaaaaaand here's proof:This and lots of other fine Austen gear is available here.

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Apr 12 2006

They're always telling us to buy classic pieces, right?

Behold, the Babysitters' Club punk rock tee!Here it is in action:Aaaaand here's a close-up:This t-shirtly gem (obviously an important addition to any girl's wardrobe) is the product of the Cat and...

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Apr 4 2006

Wordcandy Loves DIY Projects!

We here are Wordcandy are huge proponents of the Do It Yourshelf (DIY) movement. It might have something to do with our love of design, or the fact we think good design should be available to ever...

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Nov 26 2005

The Ladies of 'Harry Potter' Show Us What Not To Wear

You know who I blame for these oufits?Sienna Miller.She is the Dark Lord of high fashion, and all of the starlets of Western Europe have fallen under her ungodly spell.

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