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Oct 2 2019

Hideous, but kind of cute?


While looking up Eric Carle information the other day, I stumbled across this fabric based on some of the artwork from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I can't quite imagine...

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Jan 27 2015

Cute and plausible


There's a great tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess about how to build your own quotation mark bookends. I cannot with organizing books by color—I don't care if it looks cool, what if different books in a series end up far apart?—but those bookends are awesome...

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Dec 19 2013

Ridiculously cool


Clearly, nothing says "holiday spirit" like the sex-and-death world of Game of Thrones, so we all have to be grateful to interaction designer* and storyteller Krystal Higgins for providing us with ten incredible (and free) GoT-inspired snowflake patterns...

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Apr 2 2013

Austen-inspired arts and crafts


The design-and-print-your-own-fabric website Spoonflower is asking readers to submit and vote on fabric patterns "inspired by the idea of what life would be like in a Jane Austen novel". Some of them are pretty creepy-looking (and several have nothing to do with Austen), but I liked at least ten of them enough to vote for them...

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Jan 18 2013

Semi-useful Valentines


I volunteer at a local children's library, and we are definitely going to be making these Heart-Shaped Page Markers from the website How About Orange for Valentine's Day. They look mega-cute and super easy...

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Nov 29 2012

Mostly ridiculous, a little bit sublime


I love these bookends from Anthropologie, but, like so many of things sold at that store, they are ridiculously overpriced. They're priced between $168 and $228, because adding fake snow apparently adds sixty bucks to the already inflated cost. However, I'm pretty sure this is one of the rare craft projects I could actually duplicate...

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Oct 4 2012

Say "MINE" in style


I discovered these sets of free, printable, vintage-style bookplates via the always-entertaining How About Orange blog. The first set is from Benign Objects; the second is from Besotted Brand...

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Sep 18 2012

Uselessness is no barrier to cute


I have no idea what I'd do with these, but they're adorable nonetheless. The author of How About Orange used a tutorial from Paper Kawaii to make 1.5" square mini origami blank books...

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Sep 7 2012

Superheroes in cross-stitch


I'm always impressed by people with handicraft skills, as I was not blessed with A) hand-eye coordination, or B) patience. However, those of you who WERE blessed with the above should totally check out this free cross-stitch pattern from Kitschy Digitals inspired by The Avengers...

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Feb 21 2012

A Sad Lack


Seriously, if I had any hand-eye coordination whatsoever, I would be all over this truly awesome (and free!) crochet pattern to make your own Hobbes doll. As it is... maybe Nathan will do it!

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