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Sep 3 2019



It's a short week, so we're not doing our usual Book Giveaway. Instead, we thought we would celebrate some stories freely available to anyone with an internet connection: the comics on Webtoons, a site full of free, legal, creator-owned comics. It's like a giveaway that everyone wins...

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Feb 2 2017

Second try


Yesterday Dramabeans posted a casting rumor about the upcoming movie adaptation of my beloved Cheese in the Trap. I still feel really weird about this project...

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Jan 21 2016

Cheese in the Trap, by Soonkki


Today we're going to review something a little different: an ongoing Korean webtoon by Soonkki called Cheese in the Trap. Normally I would wait to cover this kind of thing until it was finished and fully translated, but A) I'm not that patient, and B) this story is so interesting, you guys—it's totally worth the inconvenience of reading it online...

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