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Oct 2 2018

More MinaLima


And speaking of MinaLima, I've just discovered their Collective Nouns prints, too. I love these. Did you know the collective noun for a group of moles is a "movement"? And a group of sharks is...

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Dec 8 2016

Holiday Gift Pick #5


Gift Idea #5: Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks

Okay, this suggestion IS for little kids. Uncle Goose produces absolutely gorgeous, 100% made-in-America wooden blocks. Their classic ABC blocks are lovely, but they make a wide variety of...

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Mar 10 2015



Okay, I'm in love: I like all the alphabet posters created by FiftyFiveHi's (particularly the ones inspired by the collection at the American Museum of Natural History), but I absolutely need to own this Mythical Creatures Alphabet Poster...

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Feb 12 2015

Alphabet background check


NPR has an interesting article up about Michael Rosen's new nonfiction book Alphabetical, which claims to explain the history behind all 26 letters. Rosen is not the world's most convincing interviewee...

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